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Before you begin, please read this!

Hello people of BlueScape! This is Doormcburger and I am making this wiki for BlueScape to help people. I am trying to figure everything out about this awesome server, so anything I figure out will be posted here to help people. Feel free to help out by adding or editing any article.

Thanks! -Doorm

List of gay spammers

This is a list of the IP addresses of spammers who have fucked with this wiki. Please note if you try to mess up our wiki your post will get deleted and you get blocked for over 9000 years. You will also get your info posted below. Thanks. ~~Doorm (zero/dds speced)- They live in the UK and they keep randomly hacking our server. Suggestion to improve their life: Committing suicide would be more interesting than trying to crash us.

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