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This page is all about commands. Commands are things you type in, then stuff happens. Like ::home.

How to view commandsEdit

To view commands, simply type ::commands!

List of commands and their actionsEdit

skills - takes you to a skilling area!
home - brings you to edgeville (home)
shops - takes you to a variety of shops
slayer - takes you to the slayer tower
modinfo - information on how to become a member of the staff!!
rules - very important rules! must read!
kqueen - teleports you to the Kalphite Queen
jad - teleports you to fight Jad
barrows - teleports you to barrows. Kill them to get barrows items
drags - takes you to a place with metal dragons
yell (message) - sends a message to all players
max - displays your maximum hit
suggest (message) - sends a suggestion to the owner
players - displays the number of players online and the names of the players online
afk - lets people know you're AFK
back - lets people know you're no longer AFK
funpk - a safe PKing area!
mb - teleports you to the mage bank
pkbox - teleports you to a place that you can fight people. Will lose items upon death so be careful...
fightpits - fight pits minigame!
cwars - castle wars minigame!
anti - gives you an anti-poison potion to cure poison
mystats - random information about your account. WARNING: This shows your password, so make sure no one is watching you when you type this!
mypk - shows your PKing statistics
char - lets you edit the way your character looks with no items on
male - makes your character male...
female - makes your character female...
dance - pointless and does nothing
dparty - teleports you to the drop party area
raresmini - a minigame where you kill a bunch of monsters to get rares
hangout - a place to relax
master - (MODS ONLY) gives you 200 in all stats
pure - (MODS ONLY) gives you 200 in all stats but defense
dp - (MODS ONLY) drops random rares
sweet - (MODS ONLY) idk
notedbarrows - (MODS ONLY) gives noted barrows items
food - (MODS ONLY) gives food
dragonarmor - (MODS ONLY) gives dragon armor
kick (username) - (MODS ONLY) disconnects a player's IP address from the server, causing them to log out
ban (username) - (MODS ONLY) prevents a user from ever logging in again from that username
dragonweapons - (MODS ONLY) gives dragon weapons
modwear - (MODS ONLY) gives some items for mods
blackcavs - (MODS ONLY) gives black cavaliers
mouse - (MODS ONLY) idk
pickup (ITEM ID) (AMOUNT) - (MODS ONLY) gives an item
staffzone - (MODS ONLY) teleports to an area for staff only
ipban (player name) - (ADMIN ONLY) bans the player who's username you entered and disables connections from their IP address
god - (ADMIN ONLY) makes you float
pnpc (NPC ID) - (ADMIN ONLY) turns you into an NPC
npc (NPC ID) - (ADMIN ONLY) spawns an NPC
normal - (ADMIN ONLY) makes you so you aren't an NPC anymore
xblueie - (ADMIN ONLY) no idea
bank - (ADMIN ONLY) opens your bank
xteleto (player name) - (ADMIN ONLY) teleports you to a player
xteletome (player name) - (ADMIN ONLY) teleports a player to you
runes - (ADMIN ONLY) gives a bunch of runes
barrage - (ADMIN ONLY) gives barrage runes
arrows - (ADMIN ONLY) gives arrows
adminwear (ADMIN ONLY) gives some items for admins
infhpring - (ADMIN ONLY) gives infinite hitpoints
rares - (ADMIN ONLY) gives rare items (I think)
train2 - (ADMIN ONLY) another training place
ranger - (ADMIN ONLY) idk
xteleall - (OWNER ONLY) teleports everyone in BlueScape to you
givemod (player name) - (OWNER ONLY) gives a player mod
giveadmin (player name) - (OWNER ONLY) gives a player admin
giveowner (player name) - (OWNER ONLY) gives player owner
demote (player name) - (OWNER ONLY) makes a player lose his/her mod/admin/owner status
mantas - (OWNER ONLY) gives you manta rays I think
ownerwear - (OWNER ONLY) gives some items for owners
z0r (the 0 is a zero) - (OWNER ONLY) no idea
k0rings (the 0 is a zero) - (OWNER ONLY) no idea
hail - (OWNER ONLY) makes players bow to you
pr4 (5 spaces) (name) - (OWNER ONLY) noooo idea at all
pr10 (4 spaces) (name) - (OWNER ONLY) clueless
staffmeeting - (OWNER ONLY) - makes all the staff teleport to a meeting place
scythe - (ONLY BLUE CAN TYPE THIS) probz gives a scythe or something