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These are the rules of BlueScape. These MUST be followed no matter what!

How to view rules in-gameEdit

Type ::rules to be reminded of the rules at any time

List of rules and explanationEdit

1. Don't ask for mod or admin spot

This rule means if you want to be a mod or admin or owner, the worst thing you can do is ask! DO NOT ASK! If you ask, you will get a warning not to ask. If you ask again, you get muted. If you ask again (idk how because you're muted) then you get banned. DO NOT ASK FOR MOD OR ADMIN!!!!!!!

2. Don't team at edge

This means don't pile people in edgeville pking. If you do this, you are breaking a rule and will be punished. Do not get greedy, because you will pay for it later.

3. You spam advertisements, you're IP banned!

This means if you only came to this server to advertise something, such as another server, then you get IP banned because we don't want you here.

4. Respect and listen to mods and admins

This means you must treat all mods and admins with respect. Well you should treat everyone with respect, but especially the mods and admins. And if they have something to say to you, listen.

5. Staff, respect the powers you are given, don't abuse them

This means that if you are lucky enough to get mod or admin, don't get all power-hungry and abuse your powers. You're just going to make everyone mad and ruin the game.

6. Don't tell the admins or mods who to kick or ban

The mods and admins can make their own decisions, no need to go around telling them who to ban. You can tell them if someone is doing something wrong, but don't go bossing them around telling them how to do their job.

7. During a *lecture* no talking or attacking

If a mod or admin is giving you a lecture, pay attention to them, don't talk, just listen. And don't attack anyone. Don't do anything. Just listen until they are done.

8. If you agree to *fun fight* say so before you fight

If you're going to fight someone for fun and give back items, be sure you both agree and know about it before you fight so there's no arguments.

9. Listen to all staff and don't abuse glitches

This rule means if a staff tells you to do something or not to do something, you must listen to them. And if there are any glitches, you are not to abuse them.