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Teleports are places that you can go. They can be accessed via the Emotes tab.


Dragon Teleports: These are places that take you to dragons. Beware, the second one is a PKing area.

Home: Teleports you to edgeville (home)

Train: Teleports yo to the training place

Veng: Not a teleport, but does random damage to players you are fighting.

Shops: Various shops

PK: Mage Arena PKing

Edge: "Godsword Minigame"...

PK Box: A little place to PK

Barrow: Barrows minigame. Kill the barrows guys to get barrows items.

KQ: Teleports you to the Kalphite Queen

Jad: Teleports you to Jad, but be ready because as soon as you click it he pops up.

Slayer: Slayer tower

Skills: Skilling area